Data Collection: Annual Performance Report

Each year we submit an Annual Performance Report (APR) to the feds, and ask you for data from your cluster to help complete it. The APR includes course enrollment/completion questions. Please make sure you will have access to this data.
Data request forms were sent to Coordinators in late February asking how many of your GEAR UP students (grades 7-8 for cohort schools, grades 9-12 for priority schools) are enrolled in or have completed the following courses: Pre-algebra, Algebra I or equivalent, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, at least two years of math beyond Algebra I, English & Language Arts, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, at least one Advanced Placement (College Board) class, at least one International Baccalaureate class. NOTE FOR COHORT SCHOOLS: For many of these courses, you will not need to collect data until future years, when your current GEAR UP students are in a higher grade level.

Please complete the APR Data Request form online by March 18. Please enter all cost share and events through March 31 by April 1.

Cohort Schools

Priority Schools

Questions about the APR? Contact Natalie.