"Adopt-A-College Student" Expands to GEAR UP Schools header image

Oregon Campus Compact shares the good news about OSU's expanded "Adopt-A-Classroom/Adopt-A-College Student" program made possible by a College Access Corps member who will recruit college students, develop materials and build relationships with teachers.

The year will begin with these students meeting their adopted college student. Thereafter, every two weeks, this coach will have Skype sessions where he or she will go over topics such as comparing college to elementary school and how to financially plan for college.

“The CAC Coordinator will enable us to increase the capacity of the program and offer it to the Ford Family Foundation GEAR UP Schools,” [Director of Precollege Programs Kyle] Cole said. “The partnership will allow us to connect at least 550 new GEAR UP students with a college student mentor.”

The adopted classrooms are then encouraged to visit the Oregon State University campus as part of their Campus Field Trips program and meet with their student in person.