Bailey Watson, a 2016 graduate of Stanfield Secondary School, is studying Pre-Education at University of Oregon. She shares a glimpse into her life as a college student:


"My favorite classes at UO are my Education classes because I'm very interested in learning more about educating kids and becoming an Elementary teacher!"

Bailey outside of Education Department


 "My favorite place to study on campus is at the Hedco building, which is also konwn as the Education building. I study and do homework for about two hours each day."

Bailey studying


 "I work at Vivian Olum Child Development Center in between or after classes each day, where I work about 15 hours a week. I get to hang around cute little 2 year olds all day and it's the best!"

Bailey at work


 "Work and classes can be VERY stressful, but my pup Boston and I love to relax by going on walks around Autzen Stadium."

Bailey and dog


 "The one thing that really surprised me when coming to college was the amount of homework, reading, studying there is. Which leads me to my next picture..."

Bailey computer


 "ALWAYS stay organized!! Keep a planner and write down when assignments, midterms, quizzers or readings are due. It will help a lot. My planner has saved me so many times."

Bailey planner


 "My advice to all of you in high school is to ENJOY high school, because it goes by so quick! Good luck to you all. THANK YOU EVERYONE & GO DUCKS!!!"

Bailey :)