Name: Kirsten Wright
School: Stanfield Secondary School
Position: School Counselor & GEAR UP Coordinator
College Alma Mater: Linfield College (undergrad) and Lewis & Clark College (master's)
One fun fact about you: I love to travel and see the world, and had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica and Mexico while at Linfield. I highly encourage study abroad!

Because of GEAR UP, the college-going culture and vocabulary has changed in my school, and I see more students than ever pumped about college credit courses, College Application Week and stepping onto college campuses.

Describe an aspect of your educational journey.
College was always a plan for me, for as long as I can remember. The process of getting there was not without little bumps in the road, and my high school counselor was integral in helping me achieve my dreams. Because of the impact she made in my life, I chose to become a school counselor so that I could be that person for others.

Share one way that GEAR UP has made a difference in your school or community.
With GEAR UP, our college-going culture has grown immensely in my school. More students than ever are taking college-credit courses, graduating with an AAOT or close to it, completing their FAFSA, and going to college!