Name: Reyna Mattson
School: Newport High School
Position: Assistant Principal & GEAR UP Coordinator
College Alma Mater: Oregon State University
One fun fact about you: I've been at Newport High since fall of 1993! First as a freshmen in high school, then a coach while I attended OSU, a College and Career Coordinator while I earned my Masters in Counseling, a Counselor and now Assistant Principal. 

Because of GEAR UP, Newport High School has a robust college and career program supporting all students to reach their goals and potential.

Describe an aspect of your educational journey.
I spent a lot of time at NHS while I was coaching and the principal at the time asked me what I was going to do once I graduated from OSU with a Bachelors in Business Administration. After sharing my not so specific plans, he looked at me and said I needed to go back to school and become a Counselor. He was so sure that I would be a great fit, he knew me more then I knew myself at the time. I blindly applied to the program (it was due a week after our conversation) and showed up to the interviews unaware that out of the 200+ interviewees, only 30 would be accepted. My advisor told me the letter the principal wrote on my behalf made the difference in my acceptance. I loved every minute of my Counseling Program and the fifteen years I spent as a Counselor. It is amazing looking back that one conversation can impact someones life to the degree it has for me; one relationship can change a life forever. As educators, we have the benefit of seeing student's passions and encouraging them toward meeting their potential. I will always be grateful to him for helping me find my path

Share one way that GEAR UP has made a difference in your school or community.
GEAR UP created a movement at Newport High to help students reach past graduation, to think about long term goals and plan for them. Our younger students see the relevance of doing well in school and our students are rising to the expectations set for them. GEAR UP provided the direction we needed to increase our college and career program.