Where students enroll can be just as important as if they enroll. Students are more likely to complete college if they attend an institution that fits their social, academic and financial needs. Because rural and low-income students are less likely to consider a private, not-for-profit college as an option, we partnered with The Alliance, a consortium of 18 small private nonprofit colleges in Oregon, to help educators and students from remote areas learn about these schools.

Education Week, the leading national publication focusing on education news, information and analysis, covered this partnership and the impact it has on educators and students.

Sometimes, students don't know about the private colleges, perhaps because no one from their area has ever gone to them, or because their school counselors and teachers are more familiar with state schools. And other times, students, as well as their families and counselors, believe they simply can't afford anything other than a state school.

In addition to a summer program for high school juniors, the campus visits for educators have been especially successful, with 100% of attendees feeling knowledgable about the college after the visit.

infographic for campus visits for educators

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