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For one week in March, the hottest ticket in town with DJ's, rappers, and singers from New York City, was at school.

Oregon GEAR UP worked with The Hall Pass Tour, a motivated team that delivers a series of high energy, music concerts designed to get underserved youth excited about leveraging higher learning to pursue their dreams. The group stopped in five schools in five days, showcasing their talents and providing workshops that helped students identify their dreams and discover resources to make them tangible.

Carrie Davis, GEAR UP coordinator at Yoncalla High School, was impressed. "[The Hall Pass Tour is] an amazing group of talented people. Thank you for sharing your stories and inspiring our students to reach for their dreams."

Students were equally enthused. A student from Elkton High School said, "Thanks so much for coming to our school. You guys were a great inspiration and amazing."

Check out all of their videos and photos of the tour!