Lebanon High School's Scholarship Station makes opportunities visible to all students.

Scholarships can help students pay for college. GEAR UP schools support students by sharing scholarship opportunities, starting the process early, providing time during the school day, and celebrating scholarship applicants and recipients.

Start the process early

Umatilla High School is in their third year of having all of their 10th grade students go through the Path to Scholarships program. "This is a long-term investment in our students," said Chris Early, a teacher at Umatilla High School. "We do this at this grade level so that the kids will start thinking about their life purpose and how to make that real in time to really think it through."

Our students already have essays written, resumes prepared, and recommendation letters collected, and can pursue scholarships and college admission in a deliberate enough a manner to do it right. -Chris Early, Teacher, Umatilla High School

Provide time during the school day

Schools can help students learn to write effective scholarship essays during English or another core class, as well as provide time and support to work on applications during school hours.

Lowell Junior/Senior High School holds scholarship writing workshops twice a year for juniors and seniors, while La Pine High School has students apply during Careers class.

"Our seniors have to apply for two scholarships as...a graduation requirement." -Danielle Patrick, co-GEAR UP Coordinator, La Pine High School

Share scholarship opportunities

There are countless scholarships available, but students usually have the best chance of winning ones that are local to their high school, college or community. Schools have a variety of techniques to share available scholarhips with students, including:

I have a table set up in the College & Career Center with all local scholarships. Students can come browse anytime. I also keep them in the daily announcements and our newsletter so parents also are aware. -Wendy Eilers, GEAR UP Coordinator, Lebanon High School

Celebrate accomplishments

Schools can reward students' hard work with treats, stickers, or simple recognition for applying to scholarships, like having an "I Applied" scholarship bulletin board.

It's also beneficial to recognize students who have earned scholarships. Chiloquin High School shares the good news on social media, while other schools hold a dedicated assembly or award night.

Search for scholarships with our calendar of opportunities.