Almost 100 teachers, counselors, and administrators from 20 communities participated in our virtual Summer Institute that focused on trauma-invested practices to help learners thrive.

Childhood trauma expert Kristin Souers and former school principal Pete Hall led the workshop, using their book, Fostering Resilient Learners, as a guide. Participants learned ways to mitigate the negative effects of chronic stress by fostering resilience of both students and themselves.

"I wanted to participate in something this summer that would help me be better at my job next school year. This learning experience was spot on with what is happening in my district and will be incredibly beneficial to all of my colleagues who also took the course.

Rather than the traditional in-person workshop of 3-4 days, educators spent the summer reading the book and completing eight online, self-paced modules, bookended by two synchronous online sessions.

Zoom screenshot of educators

92% of participants learned something new, valuable, or necessary.

  • "I increased my awareness of the level of trauma our students are faced with and will use techniques to make my classroom feel like a safe place."
  • "This topic really encourages me to reflect on my mindset and specifically I have seen that my communication channels with parents and students needs focus."
  • "[I learned how to] help improve my classroom environment and improve relationship building with my students."
  • "We talked about [strategies] to make online school feel like a place that students take ownership of and want to contribute to their learning and the learning
    of their peers."
  • "The course solidified the critical importance of relationships, and how establishing a culture of safety paves the way."
  • "I learned that every interaction is not necessarily about me and not to take things personally. I need to take care of myself proactively and to set boundaries."