Newport High School's first annual Trivia Night accomplished two goals: strengthening community support and raising funds for college and career readiness programs.

The event was held on a Saturday night at a local hotel, with food, raffle prizes and centerpieces donated by colleges and local businesses. People paid for a table or seat to compete as a team in the trivai competition. The winning team: a group of retired educators and their spouses (pictured above). No surprise, the Newport High School staff table got second place.

Newport Trivia Night

"We made about $2,300 and had over 100 people in attendance," said Reyna Mattson, assistant principal and co-GEAR UP coordinator at Newport High School. "We think it will just grow from here."

The event will be an annual tradition, but the Newport GEAR UP Team is already on to their next project to help sustain GEAR UP: a fundraiser at the local bowling alley for college and career readiness programs at the middle school.