Promising Practice: Onsite Admissions header image

You can tell by the smiles that onsite admissions is a good thing. A growing trend in the last 15 years, some colleges allow students to apply to college, meet with an admissions counselor, and be accepted - all in one day.

As part of College Application Week, several GEAR UP schools, including Newport High School, Taft 7-12 School, Stanfield Secondary School and Umatilla High School, included onsite admissions from Western Oregon University, Portland State University and Eastern Oregon University - with glowing results. Students clutched certificates after their appointments, proudly showing off their acceptance letters. Counselors described the enthusiasm and excitement that onsite admissions brings to all students about applying to college, as well as the confidence boost that instant acceptance gives to less assured students.

Colleges also embrace the trend, working breakneck schedules to visit as many schools and reach as many students as possible. For students who don't quite meet the required qualifications, the admission counselors gently go over the options and next steps in order for students to reach their goals.

Congratulations to all of the students who were accepted into college this month!

Photo via Facebook