Promising Practice: March Madness header image
March Madness isn't just about basketball at Myrtle Point Junior/Senior High School. Students learned about different colleges, bracketology, and postsecondary options over the course of several weeks in conjunction with the NCAA basketball tournament.


Promising Practice: Career Fair and Community header image
Pacific High School collaborated with local businesses and organizations for their first Career Fair and secured community support for future college and career ready initiatives.


Promising Practice: Scholarship Week header image
In addition to helping students with college applications and the FAFSA, GEAR UP schools are making scholarship applications a priority for seniors.


Promising Practice: FAFSA Workshops header image
Financial aid is a critical piece for many students who want to go on to college - but the forms can be daunting. Our schools help students and families with informational workshops and hands-on sessions.


Promising Practice: Raising Rigor header image
Our schools know that students who take challenging courses in high school are better prepared to succeed in college - so they are supporting teachers with professional learning communities, reworking curriculum, and providing online options for students.


Promising Practice: Creating a College-Going Culture header image
It's more than just pennants in the hallways and an occasional college visit (although these are valuable, too!) Read how several of our schools are changing their cultures to emphasize college readiness for students, parents and staff.


Promising Practice: Helping Students Transition to High School header image
Schools are helping students (and parents) transition to the high school with programs designed to cover both academic and social concerns.


 Promising Practice: My Story Project  header image
In Irrigon, students celebrate their 8th grade promotion and transition to the high school by sharing their stories and future dreams with peers and parents.


Promising Practice: Sustaining GEAR UP header image
There's life after GEAR UP! The key to keeping the college-going culture going: collaboration, community...and coffee.


Promising Practice: Celebrating Seniors Postsecondary Plans header image
Seniors at Sweet Home High School plan for the future with regular workshops and celebrate their post-graduation plans during "Senior Signing Days".