GEAR UP was well-represented at Dayton's annual Pirate Nation event for students and families.

About the schools

Dayton Junior High and High School, Dayton, Oregon

  • 485 students in grades 7-12
  • 59% free and reduced lunch
  • 43% students of color

GEAR UP highlights

Dayton students with Rep. Bonamici

Dayton High School students share the impact of GEAR UP with Representative Suzanne Bonamici.

  • Expanding and utilizing technology for all students
    • "GEAR UP kicked off our 1:1 program many years ago by purchasing Chromebooks for a couple of our Junior High classes. 1:1 programs are now almost the norm but we were ahead of the game and because of GEAR UP, we are still ahead of the game. This has not been more relevant than now that we are all in a digital format. GEAR UP continues to have a big impact during Distance Learning, helping us provide webcams that we have also turned into doc cams thanks to additional hardware also purchased with GEAR UP funds. GEAR UP's contributions to our schools will be here for many years to come." Efrain Arredondo, IT department
  • Building a successful GEAR UP team

Dayton students on Linfield campus

Dayton students visit Linfield University.

  • College and career field trips for students
    • "College visits are really awesome because they give kids a clear picture of college and what they may or may not want." Kelli Hascall, counselor
  • Bringing mindfulness into the classroom
  • Improving attendance among high school students

The impact of GEAR UP

Kids and parents are now more aware of opportunities post-high school and that college can mean a lot of different paths.

Dayton parents knowledge graph

  • "Before GEAR UP there was very little focus on life after high school - the focus was on graduation. Now we focus on not only graduation, but what their plan is for after high school."
  • "The post-high school culture prior to GEAR UP was set up to benefit the students who asked for help with post-high school plans, it wasn't a regular implementation. Now, resources are readily available and there are more staff members prepared to answer questions or know where to send the students who need help. Also, more of our students are aware of what their after high school life will look like, or at least they are thinking about it." Kelli Hascall, Counselor

Dayton grads in front of fire station

Dayton seniors participate in a Graduation Walk.

  • "We valued college but we didn’t have specific plans or a place for students to gather. Now we have specific people who are well-versed in helping students and we have a College and Career Center. It is now part of our daily culture." Sherri Sinicki, Assistant Principal
  • "It may sound silly, but the shirts, bags, water bottles, mousepads...they all are constant reminders of COLLEGE which keeps the subject in our students' minds." Kelli Hascall, Counselor

Because of GEAR UP, more Dayton High School students know more about college, the process, and the importance of being successful in high school.