Success Story: Daniel Luviano header image
A graduate of Woodburn High School, Daniel Luviano is studying Sociology at Oregon State University.


Success Story: Dorcas Kaweesa header image
Dorcas Kaweesa is a graduate of Madison High School and studying mechanical engineering at the University of Portland.


Success Story: Kain Garcia-Sandoval header image
A graduate of Hermiston High School, Kain Garcia-Sandoval is thriving at University of Oregon.


Success Story: Vi Tran header image
Vi Tran is the first in her family to go to college and is getting involved at Oregon State University.


Success Story: Jovany Romero header image
Jovany Romero, now a sophomore at Western Oregon University, advises students to learn from his mistakes: "Have back up plans, if things don't go as planned...and finish applications way before the due date!"


Success Story: Ryley Skelton header image
A graduate of McKay High School, Ryley Skelton is pursuing her interest in math at Willamette University.


Success Story: Yanely Rivas header image
A junior at the University of Oregon, Yanely Rivas is committed to being involved and giving back to her community.


Because of GEAR UP... header image
Students, parents and teachers wrote postcards to elected officials as part of National GEAR UP Week - sharing their plans for after high school and the role of GEAR UP.


Success Story: Susan Smith header image
Former GEAR UP coordinator Susan Smith told her students they needed to get a college degree - and then showed them it's possible to follow your dreams at any time.


Success Story: Stephanie Garibay header image
A graduate of McKay High School, Stephanie is studying at Western Oregon University.