Name: Grace Lyons
Hometown: Elkton, OR
High School: Elkton High School
College: Oregon Institute of Technology and Umpqua Community College
Year in school: 2nd
Major: Computer Science and Business
Activities involved in on campus: I am involved with a gaming and E-Sports club at OIT where I volunteer as the designer for merchandise as well as help maintain social media.

Grace and her motherWhat is one of the best things about college?
I love the atmosphere of independence. It is really eye opening your first year being on your own. It can be hard but you meet a lot of new people and find friends that you can really connect with. The classes you take can really change your perspectives on school and learning.

How has GEAR UP helped you?
GEAR UP helped me realize I could go to college, that I could make it to the university level, and that I had the support to get there. I was really fortunate to be able to get involved in the GEAR UP leadership [summer programs]. I think I benefited from that the most because it helped me in high school and helped me get further in college with clubs and classes that involved working in groups. 

What are your future career plans?
I plan on finishing my Bachelor's degree at the Oregon Institute of Technology and then my dream is to work with Google or the Make company coming up with new innovative technology and creating the code and technology behind it. I also think with my minor in Business I could eventually create my own start-up company making devices that could help bring power back instantly after a natural disaster when one occurs. I would be able to create my own technology and work with others as well as combine my love for traveling and helping others!