Name: Kati Newcomb
Hometown: La Pine, OR
High School: La Pine High School
College/University: University of Oregon
Year in school: Junior
Major: Double Major in Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies
Activities Involved in On Campus: I am just starting an internship for our Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services, Dr. Roger Thompson. I also work for Orientation Programs, First Year Programs, and formerly the Associated Students of the University of Oregon. I currently hold positions on the Student Advisory Board for the Office of the Dean of Students and also as an undergraduate representative on the UO Scholastic Review Committee. I am also a Wayne Morse Scholar through the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics.

What is one of the best things about college?
My favorite part about my experience at the UO is all of the classes that I have access to. With over 75 majors offered at the UO and over 3,500 classes held each term the possibilities are endless!

How has GEAR UP helped you?
GEAR UP has helped me hone in on my potential as a leader as well as provide a network of support to help me get where I am today.

Kati leading a group of students in an activity

Kati serves as a group leader for GEAR UP's annual Student Leadership Event.

What are your future career plans?
After I graduate from the UO in 2018, I plan on working in the field of leadership development and continuing my education in graduate school. I am in the process of exploring master's programs in Higher Education Administration. After completing that, I look forward to continuing my work in Enrollment Management at a university, possibly starting in admissions, and working my way up throughout my career.

What advice do you have for middle and high school students about how to prepare for college?
My biggest piece of advice is to not worry about having everything figured out. It may seem like everyone around you knows exactly what they want to do with their lives but hang in there. Someday you will fall into a job/organization/club/etc. that will lead to a career you had never even thought of but that you end up loving!