Success Story: Steven Cantrell header image


Name: Steven Cantrell
: Springfield, Oregon
High School:
Springfield High School
: Oregon State University
Year in school:
Human Development and Family Sciences, with an option in Human Services
Activities Involved in On Campus:
Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), New student peer mentor, Oregon State Flying Club, Arnold Air Society-Volunteer Organization

What/who was the biggest influence on your decision to go to college?
The biggest influence on my decision to go to college was probably my parents.  My parents haven't lived the most successful life, and they realized that college is one path to a life they wish they had achieved.

What is one of the best things about college?
One of the best things about college is the sense of community that you develop with people on campus after such a short period of time at college.  If I hadn't gone to college, I would never have had the opportunity to travel to New York City last April, or travel to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory near Oakland, California last May.  College opens up a world of possibilities.

What was your most memorable GEAR UP moment?
My most memorable GEAR UP moment was when we did the activity on where we imagined we would be in life five, and ten years down the road. It's amazing to see how things take shape over time. 

What are your future career plans?
As a Junior in college, I still have many choices of future career plans.  Currently I hope to either become an officer in the United States Air Force, become an Air Traffic Controller, or work for a non-profit organization relating to human services in some way.  All of these future career plans are achievable, it's just deciding which plan is the most desirable and making it happen that will get me there. 

What advice do you have for students currently in middle and high school GEAR UP programs? 
While most of the learning you're doing in middle and high school seems entirely pointless, EMBRACE IT.  Take in every single thing you can while you're in middle and high school, because no matter what life path you choose, somewhere along the way those things you're learning will come up, whether it's in a casual conversation or in your everyday job.