Success Story: Kain Garcia-Sandoval header image
A graduate of Hermiston High School, Kain Garcia-Sandoval is thriving at University of Oregon.


Promising Practice: Scholarship Week header image
In addition to helping students with college applications and the FAFSA, GEAR UP schools are making scholarship applications a priority for seniors.


Success Story: Vi Tran header image
Vi Tran is the first in her family to go to college and is getting involved at Oregon State University.


Success Story: Jovany Romero header image
Jovany Romero, now a sophomore at Western Oregon University, advises students to learn from his mistakes: "Have back up plans, if things don't go as planned...and finish applications way before the due date!"


Promising Practice: FAFSA Workshops header image
Financial aid is a critical piece for many students who want to go on to college - but the forms can be daunting. Our schools help students and families with informational workshops and hands-on sessions.


College Application 2013 Results header image
Almost every GEAR UP school participated in Oregon's second annual College Application Week - with impressive results.


Program Steps BHHS Seniors Through College Applicaton Process header image
The Curry Coastal Pilot covered College Application Week at Brookings-Harbor High School.


Success Story: Ryley Skelton header image
A graduate of McKay High School, Ryley Skelton is pursuing her interest in math at Willamette University.


Promising Practice: Raising Rigor header image
Our schools know that students who take challenging courses in high school are better prepared to succeed in college - so they are supporting teachers with professional learning communities, reworking curriculum, and providing online options for students.


Promising Practice: Creating a College-Going Culture header image
It's more than just pennants in the hallways and an occasional college visit (although these are valuable, too!) Read how several of our schools are changing their cultures to emphasize college readiness for students, parents and staff.