Requests for reimbursement may be sent during the year, either monthly or quarterly.

At a minimum, all invoices must be submitted according to the following schedule:

  • September, October, November: Due by December 31
  • December, January, February: Due by March 31
  • March, April, May: Due by June 30
  • June, July, August: Due by September 30

After your annual plan is approved, you will receive detailed instructions and individualized invoice forms. 

Invoicing and Report Documents

  • Activity & Expenditure Report - This form must be completed for all events to capture attendance and cost share for activities in year 1. The online Events & Cost Share Tracker will capture this information going forward.
  • GEAR UP Invoice Expenses List - This list or a printout from your accounting system with the same information must accompany your invoices.

Personalized versions of these documents live in your Cluster Google Folders.

For reimbursement of expenses that the GEAR UP central office pays for (e.g. conference registrations, mileage), you will need to get reimbursed by the district and then the district should send an invoice to for these expenses.  This invoice should not be the regular GEAR UP invoice; it should be a district invoice. 

Cost share and event tracking

As part of the grant requirements, each school is required to match provided funds. This can include district funds, in-kind donations, volunteer time, and other sources.

Therefore, it is critical to accurately document each partner school’s matching contribution to the GEAR UP project as well as specific activities and events. If it is in your plan, it needs to be documented in the Events & Cost Share Tracker.

Signed cost share reports are due the last day of the month following the month being reported on (e.g. September report is due at the end of October). PDFs should be signed and sent to


Questions about invoicing or cost share? Contact Maddy.