College pennants

Promote early awareness of college preparation, selection, admissions, financial aid and other critical steps for college entry.


  1. Increase percentage of students and parents who are aware of entrance requirements for 2-year, 4-year, trade and technical schools.
  2. Increase percentage of students and parents who are familiar with various forms of financial aid.
  3. Increase percentage of students and parents who can correctly identify the cost of attending a public 4-year university.
  4. Increase percentage of students and parents who believe they can afford some form of postsecondary education using financial aid and their family’s resources.
  5. Increase percentage of seniors submitting college applications
  6. Increase percentage of seniors submitting FAFSAs.
  7. Increase percentage of seniors submitting OSAC applications.


Promote college awareness to students and families.
  • Include family members in the college planning process.
  • Organize workshops for parents and students to inform them prior to 12th grade about college affordability, scholarships and aid sources, and financial aid processes.
  • Provide mentors and parent volunteers to coach their peers on the importance of college and choosing the right classes.
  • Take students and their families on college visits.
  • Invite recent graduates now attending college and their parents to serve on panels to inform students and parents of the importance of academic preparation for college.
  • Develop partnerships with colleges to provide assistance to students and their families.
  • Inform students at early ages about college entrance requirements in order for them to make good choices about the courses they take.


Demystify paying for college.
  • Build financial literacy and financial aid activities into math courses.
  • Present financial planning information to parents and students.
  • Partner with college financial aid directors to offer workshops and act as resources for parents and students.
  • Build local scholarship endowments.
  • Provide savings opportunities such as Individual Development Accounts.


Aid in the college application process.
  • Provide help with college applications, financial aid forms, and applying for scholarships, loans and grants.
  • Use scholarship questions for essay prompts in ELA classes.
  • Embed college admissions, affordability and financing into school curriculum.
  • Host special events such as College Application Week.