Two girls standing in front of career posters

Link students’ career aspirations with their educational goals.


  1. Increase percentage of students with a personal education plan that includes some form of education beyond high school.
  2. Increase number of opportunities available for students to explore career options through career fairs, job shadows, internships or other career-related learning experiences.
  3. Increase number of businesses and community partners that collaborate with the school.


Provide opportunities for students to learn about a wide array of careers.
  • Utilize Oregon Career Information System or similar resources to create personal education plans for each student that include postsecondary options.
  • Partner with community partners, businesses and professionals to offer a career fair or guest speaker series, or attend a career fair.
  • Offer service-learning and work-based learning opportunities.


Build on youths’ interests and passions to tap into intrinsic motivation for college, helping them see the value of learning for its own sake and for the purpose of pursing interesting work later. 
  • Ensure that all students understand early what courses are necessary to prepare them for college-level work needed to fulfill career goals.
  • Help students draw a connection between their interests /passions and college-going.
  • Provide a balanced set of reasons why young people would want to go to college, e.g., finding interesting work, financial stability, meeting others with similar interests, quality of life, making positive contributions to their community, etc.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to hear from their peers or near peers about how their future goals align with their cultural traditions and values.