In order to build a college-going culture, it's imperative that all school staff understand the importance of college and career readiness and how they can support all students. Therefore, Oregon GEAR UP has developed a series of professional development activities related to our model and the 5 R's.

Use Oregon GEAR UP's template for a 30-60 minute discussion with school staff. Educators will understand how their expectations for students affect achievement and discuss strategies to hold high expectations for all students personally and school-wide. Optional PowerPoint presentation included.

Building on High Expectations Part 1: The Importance of High Expectations, this professional development lesson contains three separate activities that use Oregon GEAR UP's Site Visit Data Report to examine educator, student and parent expectations and brainstorm strategies to raise expectations.

Use Oregon GEAR UP's template for a 45-70 minute professional development activity with school staff. Educators will examine the characteristics of effective family engagement programs and identify strategies their school can use to strengthen family engagement. Optional PowerPoint presentation included.

A series of three activities to examine a school's capacity and identify strategies to sustain GEAR UP initiatives. The activities are designed for use by a school leader or can be adapted for use with their GEAR UP team.

Use Oregon GEAR UP's template for a 45-75 minute discussion with school staff. Educators will understand the three components of rigor and how they impact student learning. Optional PowerPoint presentation included.