Research briefs address relevant issues in public education in an easy-to-access format that can help school leaders make effective, research-based decisions.

Teacher expectations play a very significant role in students’ aspirations for college attendance and their motivation to do what’s necessary for admission and ultimate success.  Teachers are especially influential when the stu-dent is the first in the family to attend college. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies that principals can use to encourage teachers to support student aspirations and help to prepare them for college programs. 

Most educators agree that the 9th grade is critical for student success and eventual high school graduation. Three key factors contribute to success: attendance, academic performance, and engagement with the school.

What is spiral curriculum? What evidence is there on improving learning outcomes for students?

Observations about boys' post-secondary aspirations, attendance and success.

Effectively managing your time improves job performance, reduces stress and improves your personal life. What are practices that are most effective?

What does the research say about effective transition systems between the middle grades and high school?

What is a trimester schedule and what are the advantages and disadvantages? How may a trimester schedule be used to improve student learning? What are some of the implementation considerations?

Why does attendance drop and disruptive behavior rise among teenagers? What are interventions that high schools can use to decrease truancy and increase student engagement?

When principals model and promote the use of data it sets the tone for their school and positively impacts attitudes of teachers, staff and families about its use.

What are the benefits of using rubrics for measuring student learning? What resources are there to allow you to develop rubrics?

Millenial teachers (those born between 1980-2000) bring different attitudes and dispositions about where they work, how they do their work, and what they expect from school leaders.

What are the best ways to work effectively with veteran staff? How can a school principal engage and motivate staff?

Learn steps to writing grants that are "competition ready".