NOTE:  This page is undergoing significant changes for the 2022-2029 grant cycle. 

Coordinators and GEAR UP team members can find all of the information they need to successfully implement the grant. Browse the links to the right for more information.

Key documents

  • Activity and Expenditure Worksheet - Use this form to seek authorization to utilize GEAR UP funds for all activities and purchases through August 2023. Please submit one form per activity to
  • Who's Who - Information about the central GEAR UP office and key partners
  • 21st Century Scholars Certificates - Distribute to every student in grades 7 - 12 during the first year (2022-23) and all new students in subsequent years as part of the federal requirements for GEAR UP. Download this Word version to easily mail merge with a list of your students.

Senior Exit Surveys

  • Senior Exit Survey - Have your seniors take our exit survey to tell us about their future goals after high school. This information will enable your school to provide ongoing support during their first year of college.


  • Our coordinator will cost more than $50,000/year. We don't want to cut into our programming budget, what can we do?
    • We know that each district will have different pay structures and wage rates for this position. We estimated $50,000 a few years ago when we first wrote the grant so we acknowledge that may be outdated and not enough. One option to make up the difference would be to ask the district to cover the difference. You will be able to count this as match and is a step closer to the district continuing the work of this position when the grant is over. If that is not feasible, we will be happy to work with you and increase your allocation in future years in order to keep your programming budget whole.  
  • If we don't spend our full allocation this year, can we carry funds over to next year?
    • Because things got off to a late start we know it may be difficult to spend this year's budget. This is a good opportunity to make some big purchases, but in the event you cannot spend it all, we will allow a one-time carry forward of funds to next year's budget.
  • Can we use funds to pay for professional development for teachers?
    • Yes. Just be sure that you are not supplanting district funds. GEAR UP funds can be used to supplement existing offerings, but you can't shift the funds to GEAR UP if the district paid for it previously.
  • If our building with 7th grade students also has 6th graders, can we serve those younger students?
    • Yes! Please do.