Kay Graham (in center back row with green and yellow boa) and the dedicated staff of Lowell Junior/Senior High School on a college t-shirt day.

Name: Kay Graham
School: Lowell Junior/Senior High School
Position: Principal and Director of Curriculum and Instruction
College Alma Mater: University of Oregon
One fun fact about you: In my college years I worked at Crater Lake National Park as a Gift Shop Supervisor. I was able to live in the Lodge on the third floor with a room that faced Crater Lake. Gorgeous!

Because of GEAR UP, lives are literally changed as students are able to envision a future they never dreamed possible before.

Describe an aspect of your educational journey.
Initially I had planned to have a career in medical technology that required a lot of microbiology. While I loved microbiology, I just did not have the passion for long hours of microscopic work. While at UO, I volunteered for HEP (High School Equivalency Program) and worked with youth (mainly from migrant working families) to get the equivalent of high school diplomas so that the youth could have a better chance at postsecondary options. I loved the experience and decided being a science teacher was what I wanted to do. Helping other people improve their education and lives was, and is, amazing.

Share one way that GEAR UP has made a difference in your school or community.
GEAR UP has helped our school raise the bar in educational relevance and rigor and helped improve graduation rates to above national standards. Students and families are beginning to see postsecondary experiences as the norm rather than the exception.