From 2014-2021, we worked with 21 rural communities to build college-going cultures.


Thanks to GEAR UP initiatives like T-Shirt Tuesdays and Pizza with Professionals, students in Klamath Falls are more aware of their options and know of the resources available to help them achieve their dreams.


Because of GEAR UP, students at McKenzie River Community School begin envisioning their college dreams starting in middle school, and as seniors, receive help during the school day to make their future plans.


"Because of GEAR UP, we implemented a plan that got everyone in the school involved, encouraged our students to reach their full potential, and helped and encouraged our staff to acknowledge and celebrate the growth and progress of our students."


Thanks in part to GEAR UP, Stanfield Secondary School has provided more students the opportunity to take college credit classes and visit college campuses.


The GEAR UP program is successful and sustainable in Umatilla due to strong support from the community, administration, and committed and caring staff.


Taft 7-12, a GEAR UP school since 2008, has built a college-going culture that has all educators involved in supporting students and families.


Because of GEAR UP, there is now a common language around college readiness at Lowell High School, with opportunities for all students to have conversations about their postsecondary plans.


Thanks to GEAR UP, students in Cave Junction, Oregon benefited from high-quality academic enrichment programs that expanded their knowledge of postsecondary options.


"Graduating from high school was always a priority at Elgin High School. After GEAR UP, students now make a plan towards achieving their dreams and completing their postsecondary education."