Oregon GEAR UP offers a variety of toolkits that help advance our mission of increasing the college attendance and success for low-income students. The toolkits are action-oriented with planning guides and customizable resources available for free download.

Campus Visits for Younger Students Toolkit

This toolkit is geared towards college personnel as a companion piece to our College Visits Toolkit for K-12 educators and schools. This toolkit provides high-impact, yet low-effort strategies and resources to involve younger students in a college’s campus visit program.

Career and College Day Toolkit

Updated in 2018! This toolkit provides examples of three different types of events that introduce students to different careers and the education requirements for these professions and/or basic information about college, as well as checklists that serve as a guide for each event.

  • Download additional resources:
    • Name That Job, Building a Career Pathway, Career Photo Booth
    • Career Carnival: Pre-Carnival Lesson Plan; Carnival Activities; Evaluation; Flyer; Sign-In Sheet; Thank You Letter
    • Career Fair: Information; Invitation; Passport; Pennants; Presenter Spreadsheet; Survey; Thank You; Registration Form; Flyer; Nametags
    • Guest Speaker: Information; Invitation; Questions; Survey; Thank You; Flyer

College and Career Center Toolkit

One important resource in creating a college-going culture in a school is an accessible, comfortable, and functional College and Career Center. Use this toolkit to plan a new center or revamp an old one.

College Fit Toolkit

Where students enroll can be just as important as if they enroll. Students are more likely to complete college if they attend an institution that fits their social, academic and financial needs. Use the toolkit and accompanying activities to learn strategies to explore the importance of college fit in every stage of the college choice process for students in middle school through 12th grade.

  • Download activities: Why College? Box Activity; College Personality Quiz; College Fit Game; College Admissions Sorting Game; Types of Colleges Activity; College Comparison Scorecard; Campus Culture Detective

College Visits Toolkit

Exposing students to a college campus can be a powerful way to motivate and impart information about education after high school to students and parents. Plan a relevant and engaging field trip with our step-by-step guide.

  • Download additional resources: Chaperone Expectations; College Comparison Scorecard; On the Bus Games; Online College Scavenger Hunt; Pre-Visit Survey; Post-Visit Survey

College-Going Culture Toolkit

A college-going culture sets high expectations for all students and provides them with the academic preparation and other tools to meet those expectations. Educators, students and communities can set the tone by creating traditions, providing visual reminders, and regularly talking about the expectation for education after high school. This toolkit provides easy, low-cost ways to highlight a college-going culture.

  • Download additional resources: Announcements; Business Poster; College Conversations; College Donation Request; DIY Pennant; Hallway Signs; Power Point Announcements; Progress Tracker; Senior Certificate; Staff Discussion Questions; Teacher Door Poster

Communications Toolkit

In order to create a college-going culture in your school and community, it is critical to have regular communication with students, parents, staff and the community. Use this toolkit to assess current communications efforts and create a simple yet strategic work plan for each audience.

  • Download additional resources: Communicating with Elected Officials; Communicating with Media; Power Point Template; Setting Up a Facebook Page or Group

Community Engagement Toolkit

Partnerships between schools and communities help reinforce and sustain a college-going culture. This toolkit provides a simple guide to identify potential partners and needs as well as communication strategies to build long-term, successful partnerships between the school and the community.

Games & Activities Toolkit

Engaging games and activities work well to introduce or reinforce topics and can be used in classrooms, workshops and meetings with students, parents and educators. Use our toolkit, planning guide and examples to use games and activities strategically in your work.

GEAR UP Week Toolkit

Hold a GEAR UP Week at your school to kick off the year with fun and exciting activities (but without a lot of energy on your part!) that encourage a college-going culture in your school and community. You can use these materials during National GEAR UP Week or any time that works for you. This toolkit has everything you need to put on a week of programs designed to get the word out about GEAR UP and the importance of going to college.

  • Download additional resources: Business Poster; College Trivia; Morning Announcements; National GEAR UP Week Logo; Student I Have A Plan Poster; Teacher Conversation Prompts; Teacher Door Poster

It's A Plan

A series of comprehensive online and print checklists and resources for educators, students and families developed by Oregon GEAR UP specifically aimed at getting students through the college application, financial aid and transition process from middle school through senior year as well as the first year of college. Family checklists are available in Spanish as well.

Parent Engagement Toolkit

Parent and family engagement is a critical element of student success. Our toolkit includes information and resources to help assess school climate and educate staff, as well as additional customizable resources.

The Transition to College Toolkit

The transition from high school to college can be daunting for many students as they adjust to new responsibilities. High schools can help bridge the gap for students in the summer after graduation and through the first year of college, providing a source of support and information as students navigate a new environment. This toolkit includes specific strategies to keep students and parents connected.

  • Download additional resources: College Parent Newsletters; Care Packages; College Student Contact Log; Holiday Party; Homecoming Tailgate; Senior Cohort Night; Summer Send-Off; Text Messages

The Transition to High School Toolkit

Learn about research-based strategies that help students and parents tackle the transition from middle to high school and the associated social and academic challenges. Includes best practices from Oregon GEAR UP schools.