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Signing days aren't just for athletes anymore. Sweet Home High School celebrates students’ acceptances into college, trade school, the military, and apprenticeship programs with Senior Signing Days held once a month, beginning in February of each year. Seniors must show proof of their acceptance at a particular postsecondary institution or other option before being allowed to participate.  

During the signing ceremony, students’ intentions are announced and they “sign” (autograph) their picture. All pictures are then hung up in the main hall of the high school for all students, parents and community members to see where the students are heading after graduation - a great way to showcase a college-going culture!

These seniors have been prepping for the transition to college all year. A series of bi-monthly classes for seniors entitled Let's Get Real! are billed as "reality workshops" for life after high school and cover topics ranging from paying for college to getting along with roommates. The benefits of these and other support services have paid off; Sweet Home High School's college-going rate has increased 14% since the grant began in 2008.


Build a college-going culture at your school with Senior Signing Days

A college-going culture sets high expectations for all students and provides them with the academic preparation and other tools to meet those expectations. Educators, students and communities can set the tone by creating traditions, providing visual reminders, and regularly talking about the expectation for education after high school. Our College-Going Culture Toolkit will provide several easy, low-cost ways to highlight a college-going culture.