Name: Denice Gomez
Hometown: Stanfield, Oregon
High School: Stanfield Secondary School
University: University of Oregon
Year in School: Freshman starting in September
Intended Major: Biochemistry (pre-med)

What are you looking forward to in college?
I am really looking forward to becoming independent and meeting new people.

How has GEAR UP helped you?
GEAR UP has really helped me with all the different events that were set up at my school [like College Application Week], if it wasn't for all those events I probably would have been really lost.

What are your future career plans?
I plan on getting my bachelor's degree and then going to medical school and specializing in pediatrics.

What advice do you have for middle and high school students currently in the GEAR UP program?
My piece of advice would be to continuously strive, no matter how hard it may be and even when you think of giving up keep fighting for something that will be totally worth it at the end. Keep taking those college classes and plan ahead. I can say that I am proof of it all. I've been through so many rough times in school but I didn't let it defeat me so don't let it defeat you either.