Students will be academically prepared to succeed in postsecondary education.


  1. Increase percentage of students who pass Algebra 1 by the end of 9th grade.
  2. Increase percentage of students who are promoted on time to successive grade levels.
  3. Increase percentage of students who attend school regularly.
  4. Increase percentage of students passing their math and English Language Arts courses.
  5. Increase percentage of students enrolling in dual credit courses.
  6. Increase percentage of students earning C's or better in their courses.
Ensure all students have access to rigorous courses. 
  • Ensure all students have the opportunity to complete coursework that meets entrance requirements for Oregon’s public universities
  • Explore disaggregated participation data to ensure all students have access to rigorous courses.
  • Encourage student enrollment in rigorous and challenging curricula and coursework.
  • Offer or expand rigorous courses such as dual credit, AP, etc.
  • Align the curriculum from MS through college entrance courses.
  • Provide teacher professional development to ensure effective teaching and learning.


Provide support and motivation for all students to enroll and succeed in rigorous courses.
  • Explore classroom student outcome data and instructional practices to inform changes needed for effective teaching.
  • Institute school-wide AVID or similar program.
  • Provide individual help to students during and after school through activities such as tutoring and homework help.
  • Help students understand their learning preferences and teach skills such as study habits, organization, and note taking.
  • Host student-led conferences to encourage students to take responsibility and ownership for their learning.
  • Train all school personnel to coach students to take the right classes necessary for their postsecondary goals.


Develop systems and practices to improve school and classroom climate in order to improve attendance and behaviors in school.
  • Explore disaggregated school data for disproportionate disciplinary practices.
  • Incentivize/reward attendance and good behavior using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, restorative justice, or other methods.
  • Offer courses that engage students and promote attendance such as Career and Technical Education (CTE), life skills (e.g., personal finance, resume writing, interview skills, etc.).
  • Offer all students access to co-curricular activities such as Robotics, Project Lead the Way, clubs focused on academics.
  • Build community by having older students mentor younger students (e.g., Link Crew).
  • Host transition events from elementary to middle and middle to high school.