Dayton Junior High and High School have created a welcoming environment for students and families to learn about their options after high school.


The coronavirus has changed many things, including students' postsecondary plans. In a survey of seniors from GEAR UP schools, 22% of respondents said they changed their plans.


Thanks to GEAR UP, La Pine High School developed a variety of classes focused on life after high school that are already sustained by the district, as well as activities designed to support alumni in the transition to college.


Newport credits GEAR UP for helping them to build college and career readiness intentionally and systemically throughout their middle and high schools.


See how we supported educators, students and families in creating college-going cultures even amidst the coronavirus pandemic in 2019-20.


Riverside Junior/Senior High School in Boardman, Oregon has increased the number of students taking college credit in high school as well as the number of college campus visits.


Almost 100 teachers, counselors, and administrators participated in our virtual Summer Institute that focused on trauma-invested practices to help learners thrive.


We surveyed the class of 2019 to learn more about their post-high school decisions, experiences, and advice.


GEAR UP schools are celebrating seniors and their future plans in a myriad of creative ways, from virtual awards nights to graduation parades.


Heather Harrison started as the GEAR UP coordinator for Oakridge Junior/Senior High School, which ultimately led to her becoming CTE-endorsed to help get the school's student-run business off the ground.